NIKKO: Imperial Summer House

We walked through these bonny- aged walls of the Imperial Summer House. A treasure found in the quaint city of Nikko. It humbly gives you silence. Not the silence that shatters, Not the silence that prohibits joyful laughter. It is the silence of nature, the silence of God in Nature. One that leaves you in … Continue reading NIKKO: Imperial Summer House


Growing up Hardware Kid!

1. The parents can hardly wait for the day you'll be able to TALK. Cause that'll be the day you can start selling hardware items to the customers at the family hardware store. 2. The parents can hardly wait for the day you'll be able to WALK. Cause that'll be the day you can hustle-bustle … Continue reading Growing up Hardware Kid!

Courage Roared Like a Lion

Technically, in (my) shoeboken, no face with eyes, nose and mouth should appear (can be found). But as it is with most rules/laws, there maybe exceptions to the general rule, and even exceptions to the exceptions. This could be a "God in All Things." It actually is. But the life-event this image represents is also … Continue reading Courage Roared Like a Lion

MMA: Mother Marie Augustine

Many stories have been shared of our foundress, St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus (as is proper). Only a few are told, and (very) rarely known to many of us (like me!), of MMA and MTE. I guess in some way or another, my landing on the doorsteps of MMA is akin to that of Harry … Continue reading MMA: Mother Marie Augustine