Fantastic Beasts

After watching Fantastic Beasts- Generally we'd like to think of ourselves as someone like Newt Scamander- full of good intentions. But not many of us may be honest enough to admit that sometimes if not always, Credence comes out. That, is what scares us the most I think. Because in our being Credence, many may … Continue reading Fantastic Beasts


Material Time

When material time calls you to move fast lest you be left behind. When material time calls you to run lest you lose the chance. When material time calls to you because "sayang." All kinds of quotes have been posted. All kinds of quotes have been shared. That, if we must jump, we must jump … Continue reading Material Time

Walking with the San

In his song Walking with the San (San Bushmen), Charlie Simpson narrates his journey with this African Tribe from Namibia through native song and dance coupled with new world melodies. (Youtube: The Bushmen / San of Namibia are deemed to be the first people of Africa. The San tribe is one of the most intriguing … Continue reading Walking with the San