Personal Grief

Copying Anderson's words from The Rainbow Comes and Goes. Personal Grief is something I feel I could not write eloquently. It reveals too much and it aches so much. This is one of those days. Anderson Cooper- "Ive often thought of loss as a kind of language. Once learned, its never forgotten. I learned the … Continue reading Personal Grief


Learning About the T’NALAK 

This is a story inspired by my recent discovery of the T'nalak weave. However, this story is not entirely about the T'nalak itself. If you type "T'nalak" on the search engine, it will probably give you many other blogs and websites that can better explain the true essence of the T'nalak. A better title for this … Continue reading Learning About the T’NALAK 

To Lolo, For Your Smiling Eyes

In his memoir entitled "Colors of the Mountain," author Da Chen wrote a short dedication to his grandfather which says: "To Grandpa, for your smiling eyes." These words ring true, with the joy that shines through when Lolo looks at you and that hint of smile when he closes his eyes. To Lolo, for your … Continue reading To Lolo, For Your Smiling Eyes