Humility: Life’s Constant Companion

​The lesson of humility is not one that is learned only once. It is as constant as the different seasons in a year. It is one of life’s constant companions- one that is present in every change we face counted by the day, the hour, the minute, the second. It is  anti-ego and pro-Being. When self-doubt arises, often times we would feel the need to repair the bruise with a mighty dose of thoughts on self-entitlement. But this is not the solution for the Self, for Being. This is a temptation that would lead to the building up of the ego. Yes, sometimes we are told we need to dayaw-thy-self for the good things done. Because we want, we need to feel good about ourselves. When is that enough and when is that more than what is needed? It is enough to feel a sense of self- accomplishment. It is too much when you pit yourself against another. It is too much when you make yourself out as someone who has done more, is doing more, is more than another. Everbody has a job to do. Not every job may seem to be as grand as another. What matters is the dignity behind the work being done. After all, we are all human and these things are accomplished by humans. (Does it even make sense? The brain just needs to ramble along.) For introverts who keep silent of the things done or hope to do, sometimes its also too much listening to extroverts chat on about how busy their day was- when really, both had it more or less similarly packed. Only difference is that introverts generally don’t feel the need to make it known, extroverts by being extroverts have to. 😑😕✌


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