Catechism 2017

ā€‹I remember when I was “younger”, I told Mutti how I’d like to do some “Teacher-Teacheran.” šŸ˜‚ She smiled. Then suggested I do Sunday School in Lolo K’s Church. It never materialized. Years later, after Manong Nards encouraged me to read, and after I actually did, Mam Marj started inviting/pushing me to do MORE/ engage MORE in parish activities. Most of the time I’d prefer to have one foot inside and one foot outside- this because of the thought that saying Yes should not be half-hearted. I prefer not to start something I feel I would not be able to finish, and finish even just  with passing marks. I’ve learned that she likes to ask me if I could do this and that, and then leaves me on my own when the day comes- because maybe she believes I can actually do it even on my own- I can actually do it best when left to my own devices. So last saturday… I said Yes (again) I’ll help. She said she’ll be late. I didn’t take it against her. Honest! I enjoyed the time with the kids. (I’m not so sure about how the kids feel though šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚). She had a valid reason. But she wasn’t just late, we finished the class without her. (And yes, again, this saturday she asked if we could do it together. šŸ˜‰). These are the few experiences most would think to be of less value in life. But this is one of the few memories I’d like to keep writing and ticking off my bucket list of real life living. I hope to do the May 2017 Catechism! Why, if one may ask. I feel like– The energy that exudes from the little children are filled with pure joy- devoid of any cynicism that adolescence and adulthood may bring. Unconsciously, maybe I’m looking for that. It is always so easy to fall back into the realities of adulthood and lose good energy. The awareness that children possess are so effortless. Something that we lose as we grow- awareness becomes more of a conscious effort, a choice– when it should be able to just flow from within. šŸ˜• #SelectiveSocializingByIntroverts


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