NYR 2017

On new years and resolutions. There are those of us who find it easy or ideal to make lists at the beginning of every new year. Mostly lists of things one would like to change or forego on the thought of the new beginning the new year brings. I belong to those who don’t or refrain from making lists in the beginning of the year. Happens when you think too much. I’m not against it. It’s good- It signifies awareness, somehow, an initiative to be/ to do better. Logically, though, a year is too long to accomplish the things for a list made at the beginning. Don’t you think? Unless, the list remains to be open for any addition as the year progresses. And the rebel in me against what’s conventional as to the dictates of popular fiction/society- cringes at the thought of going with the flow of popularity. Change is constant. In its being constant, it does not mean that it shall commence only/ by reason of certain events. Why wait for the new year if you can choose to be a better version of yourself each day for the rest of your life? Why live for a year, when you can for a day-everyday? So much can happen in 365 days, which may or may not be along the lines of the list of resolutions we have made. Another reason why I have resolved not to do lists- the quick spark of frustration for not being able to fulfill them. Too much pressure on my conscience. (Walk v. Talk thing again). I would rather commit myself on doing things I feel I am prepared to do and accomplish at the right time/place. But today, I have one I’d like to see fulfilled beyond the end of the year- forego the use of bad sounding lingo (curse words). Let’s start with that and see what else we can improve on- one day at a time.


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