Manong Nardo

Just learned of the sad news. Manong Nards bloomed into heaven. The last time I saw him at SMP, he was all smiles when he showed me that he was wearing the Pope Francis t-shirt we gave him. He knew me as my younger brother’s older sister. At first we’d see each other every wednesday mass, which eventually became an irregular everyday attendance. He was the first one to ask me to read, but I declined. Then everytime we’d see each other he would tell me again and again- basa ka bala! He calls me Mia. Everytime he hands me the host he’d specifically say- Mia, Body of Christ. That, made me smile every. single. time. I’m pretty closed off from most people, but it is only with the select few that I am able to feel a community of spirits that I strive to enrich the seed of goodness that has been planted. This is a photo of Manong Nardo taken in August 2013 with his trusty sidekick, Yvonne. I wrote these words alongside it- “Where I go, she goes.” During the few times I attended mass last month (July), I was intrigued to see this Daschund roaming around the school grounds while the mass was going on. What was more surprising was that she never barked or made a scene to disturb the mass. AND when it was time for the communion, she’d stand beside M. Nardo. He brought her along so he’d have company going home. Rest well, M. Nardo. In your own quiet way, you gave courage to this little kid with stage fright. You’d be happy to know that nowadays, I even volunteer to read! Too bad you weren’t there last year when I had my first Catechism Class in SMP. Buen Camino, Manong Nardo! 💙


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