How We Grieve as Individuals

In our being individuals, we also grieve as individuals. Some may deal with it by being more expressive vocally, others choose to deal with it quietly by themselves. No two journeys of grief is the same. Neither should they be compared nor judged as the way or nay. (I write. Sometimes after a veeeeery long period of contemplation I take the risk of posting what I have written. But on the thought that it be visible to a selected audience. I’m allergic to people who assume to know who you are, how you are, how you think just by reading your posts/ by being “friends” on fb. And post useless comments. Meh 😑) Not many know about it, not many may get it, and I don’t really need to explain myself– The journey with @assumptionjournal is one which grows and grows and grows. In the beginning, one thought was to unknowingly aid me in my own grief. I wanted to remember. One of the greatest fears of having the one you love bloom on ahead, is to forget- him/her, all things about him/her. More than that though, Assumption Journal became other things too. As a remembrance, it is not only to remember a mother and her unconditional love, but also to remember the goodness within- that which God planted and she helped sow. To remember that she believed in that goodness, thus propelling it to fruition. To remember many many things. And in remembering, to live. Not to move on and forget. But to move forward and bring within you memories that rekindle the goodness that is sometimes forgotten. To remember, is to bring forth the courage that the moment calls for. Because memories are manifestations of the spirit, not of the physical world. Despite losing the body, the thought, the memory of all good things past- endures forever. A mother’s love endures forever. For God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers. Zum Geburtstag Viel Gluck, Ich liebe dich Mutti!


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