Advent and Chinese Ancestry 2016

The story of Advent tells of the journey surrounding the birth of Jesus. Advent comes from the latin word “ad-venire” or “to come to.” It is during this season that we are asked to wait, and in waiting we are also asked to believe – To come to something that is Good. In tracing our roots, the journey of our ancestors tells a story similar to that of overseas workers who had to leave their country of birth for greener pastures. To a certain extent, their story is also akin to refugees who felt the need to escape a country in turmoil. Advent is the prologue to the journey that is the Life of Jesus- to the journey of our Faith. Before we can begin to read the more interesting chapters that make up the story, we have to wait- we have to read the prologue. Inorder to understand the middle and the end, we must first know the beginning. We began with one man, extended to eight branches, and bloomed into several others. In claiming our Chinese ancestry, it is not to set ourselves apart from the non-Chinese. Rather, it is in honor of our forefathers who braved the waves of time and continued their journey of new beginnings in a land that has been very kind to them. But before they were able to recognize the kindness presented, there was fear and there was uncertainty. Much like in Advent, when we wait- sometimes we also grow weary. In their journey of Advent, they also had to wait and believe that the sacrifices they had to make then were not for naught. Most may only see what their descendants have become. Not realizing that a greater sacrifice was planted in the beginning of their journey. One which we hope to remember and honor, as we continue to live through their names. | The story of Jesus is something that we all can relate to. The reason why He came down on earth, is to give truth to these words we hear repeatedly – to put one’s self in someone else’s place. One aspect of Advent speaks to me through the reconcilliation of the stories of our forefathers and ours. Because their journey does not end, it merely begins anew in us.


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