It Broke My Heart a Little

It broke my heart a little (or whatever’s left of it) that I could not have you with me in the present of the physical world. But the spirit perseveres in the belief that you are always in the Now of God’s time. This is a tribute to the woman who first recognized my potential in writing good english, in good sentences, creating good stories.  Probably one of the greatest material gifts given to us is the blue thesaurus book Mutti bought years ago. She said, it will come in handy! But it feels so wrong to claim that it is I who is able to write these things. It might lead to the growth of the ego. And we wouldn’t want that do we? Here’s a better way to say it- I think, no I believe, that the Father recognizes my desire to express what I cannot speak eloquently the gratitude that despite of, and still, He remains- within us, around us. When people recognize the good in what I am able to express in writing, I would like that they first recognize the good that comes from the inspiration that allows me to do so. It is always from Him. It is always for Mutti to remember me by. It is always for Vati who grows more proud than I am of the things I am able to do. I’d like to think I’m not doing all these for the self, but sometimes in our human frailty ego steps in. But always, always, my higher purpose is for God and for family. #YesLord2017


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