Humble Courage

​History is a story that does not necessarily end but continues to be written in every generation. The history of my grandfathers is a source of a lot of things for me. Sometimes when I feel fear slowly creeping up, I think of the amount of courage they had to build inside themselves inorder to brave the waves that brought them to places where they learned to face life with the right convictions and get more good out of it. After courage rises up a notch, sometimes I feel alarmed at the prospect that it might get mixed up and turn into ego- I remind myself of their humble beginnings, with great emphasis on hard work. This without having to compare the distance you have walked from those of another. All these things- to teach us how to face life and whatever it might present with HUMBLE COURAGE- not to be stepped on and not to step on others. Their story, my history, gives me some semblance of assurance that I too will find Humble Courage when need be.

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