Our thoughts and words and the universe. 

Several thoughts have been spoken of how our words become our destiny. Several words have been thought of how we think shapes our actions. Most of these thoughts, most of these words- when pointed to the self are done with great awareness. Because, who wouldn’t want anything but all that is good for the self? 

We forget, then, during spur of the moments that we tend to rattle thoughts, words, of not so good things about those surrounding us- whether we know them or not. 

What we call as mere jokes/passing conversation/opinions, are still words being spoken out to the universe- with the effect of having some level of certainty or affirmation. When those words, made into a joke/passing conversation/opinion do not even give out good energy to the spoken recipient (whether physically present or not), it does not only affect him/ her.. more than that, it echoes back to the speaker. Even simple expressions. 

Being constantly aware of our actions is important. Not only for the self, but also for others, and more importantly- the soul. Having/ developing tact, is a gift best given to the self in order to have peace in being. 

Ironic how we can be generous in thinking and speaking of all things good about ourselves, but fail to recognize our not so good tendencies of talking and thinking of others in a dark light. 

Sometimes self-improvement becomes too much and becomes too full of the self. A little self- tap on the shoulders is good from time to time, to see if  both our feet are still on the ground.

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