Energy Vampires

​A conversation on energy vampires. In the beginning of our enneagram seminar with w Sr. Fids, she shared these words from the Jesuit Piere Teilhard de Chardin “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Earlier in the year, I had this online discussion with friends about an article on energy vampires. How it expresses in words our observations when we are with certain groups of people. Energy vampires. Like vampires, they suck the (good) energy out of you. I talked about this with Sir Pons (also an enneagram participant and friend of Sr. Fids!) from the Pranic Healing Center in Jaro- he shared something about spiritual sensitivities. Some of us are able to see, some of us are able to feel, some of us can do both. I was with this group who at the outset seem to live a fairly happy life- if we just base it on their social media posts, their apparent ability to have it all in just one go, their ability to appear occupied with several business concerns all the time- BUT having spent a few hours with them during lunch, I felt so drained afterwards that I couldn’t have finished doing the things I set out to do that day. Then I compared it with having spent the whole day- until late in the evening with a family friend (other than the fact that he’s a Jesuit Priest- The Religious, says Sir Pons, produces greater energy around them), as lunch turned into dinner my energy levels even increased. On the first, he provided this explanation- because what is shown at the outset is not true happiness, and you as a spiritual being is able to recognize that. It might APPEAR to be so or they may like to make it appear to be so, but inside there is no depth of joy. That, will drain you of your good energy. So do not be fooled by what the eyes can only see, when the heart of the spirit knows otherwise. (For brain exercises)


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