​Hypocrisy in a word. Narcissism works too. Also, self-centered. But a shorter version would be stupidity. Gaaaad. Deliver me from other people’s gullibility, stupidy, and lack of empathy. Some people are blinded by their privileged lifestyles that they do not listen to understand, they either listen to reply or plainly not listen at all. Because it does not concern them. It creates havoc to their privilegedness. Well pardon me, not all of us is handed down materials things like niagara falls! Many of us actually have to work our butts off on our own, without our parents putting a pedestal below us for easier and faster access to fame and money! So dont give me shit about your reasons for justification. It wouldve been more forgivable if youd just admit that your brain can only grow into a peanut or that you dont know what empathy means. Simple logic really. Repetition is key if youre actually learning something. But repetition is bullshit if people whom you communicate with do not get it. Cause when push comes to shove, dude no holds barred ill slay you with words. In the least. Next time tell me if you dont get it, ill be irritated but ill hold off my irritation to a certain extent just to help you understand what shit im talking about. But still if you dont get it, sayonara estupido. #needtoventorelse

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