To the Narcissists in our lives.

​Avoid them at all costs. Synonymous to shallow. Basically a unilateral relationship where they quack about themselves and the amazingly puurrrfect lifestyles they strive to show people- but in truth embedded with lies lies lies. Note on the word lifestyles, not life. True living involves a reciprocal relation of talking and listening, a give and take. Not only take take take. Avoid them, I say, avoid them. No matter how many times you’ll explain why why why, why not why not why not, they won’t get it. Because, you know, they’ll always think that what they’re doing is MORE important. Their lives are MORE important. They’re MORE important. #middlefinger up yours. They’re full of themselves. They’ll suck the good energy out of you. Find friends who are genuine, not by mere appearances but more importantly by heart. Wasn’t born to please your narcissistic asses. Was born to hack you down with a chainsaw. 😈 Sometimes I like ranting about politics too, just to get off some steam- On a safe side.

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