​If everyone else wants to take the spotlight. Let them. You won’t need it my friend. For the things that you do, do not make them good on the sole basis of false platitudes and fame. It  might give you wrong ideas. You see, whatever you might have accomplished, you are about to accomplish, is not because of you. It is because you have been blessed by the Goodness of the Lord. So when people claim to have accomplished so much in their lives, ask them, do you think you’d be there today on the pedestal if not for the privileges handed to you like water flowing freely down the drain? Imagine if we’re all handed the same set of challenges, I bet not many would survive. If others have had it easier than you then, maybe because the easy life is what they are only capable of. They’re not as limitless as LIFE asks so many of us. Are they more blessed because of it? No, No I think not. Maybe they’re not as courageous as those who’ve had to face so many storms.

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