Why are people afraid?

Why are people afraid?

Because they do not know.

Knowledge is power they say. It is, on a certain level. Whether that knowledge be done for the good or for the bad, we do not know. We cannot not recognize the fact that people who are able to twist other people’s minds into believing scams are in a way brilliant enough to have pulled such a trick. 

Imagine yourself getting lost in a foreign territory. Your first emotion would probably be fear. But because you DECIDE to ask questions, then you are able to hasten that fear of being lost. Then when the information given seems LEGIT to lead you to the right destination, you accept it, follow it; and maybe just maybe, arrive home safely. Hopefully.

These kinds of situations typically show how many of the world leaders in history were subsequently overthrown by civil war, uprising, etc. But I don’t want to delve into that. That basic example seems sufficient enough and simple enough to be understood.

Knowledge, in this case, does not have to be about history, politics, the law, or what not. Knowledge here is to know the things that you OUGHT to know. It is because, sometimes, things are not what they may appear to be.

Looking beyond the spotlight has taught me that.

You owe it to yourself to know. If anything else.

On a certain extent. And who determines that? You, your courage, and the surrounding circumstances.

PS. Faith/Religion/Science being different topics for discussion.

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