What Life Gives You

To live life beginning from the bottom and persevere onwards teaches us one of the hardest virtues to learn and to keep, humility.

To say, “worked your way from the bottom going up” would present a narrow view of the concept of achievement as opposed to the material connotations of the word success. Achievement (or success, even) varies from one person to another, from one circumstance to another.

Not all people will be handed lemons to make lemonade, some may be given apple to make apple pie, others may not even have the privilege of being given anything but have to work and buy their own mangoes to make mango float.

Where one stands, so one sees.

Despite our claims of achieving greater than others, we may still consider ourselves ignorant- of the things that are beyond our comprehension or eye sight and most especially of the truth that translates our heavy leaden guilt into tired bodies and malfunctioning body organs.

Whether we choose not to see- to live forever blissfully in our chosen ignorance, because to see would mean accepting that we are wrong, we are selfish, we are greedy;

Or that we really cannot see beyond our own walls of self entitlement, because it has been bred in us not to see past our own selves, our own needs, our own wants, our own happiness, our own sadness. There is ignorance, and ignorance disspells whatever progress humility may have inspired within us.

Ignorance is both passive and active. One who is passively ignorant is often times the same person who lives in the mercy of others in greed. But have more pity on the one who is actively ignorant, for his ignorance is by choice and in choosing to be so, he lives (and dies) with his conscience overriden with guilt. This, despite the oppulence he strives to present as being honorable but in reality is built on greed.

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