Walking with the San

In his song Walking with the San (San Bushmen), Charlie Simpson narrates his journey with this African Tribe from Namibia through native song and dance coupled with new world melodies. (Youtube: https://youtu.be/9AGx9acv2XA)

The Bushmen / San of Namibia are deemed to be the first people of Africa.

The San tribe is one of the most intriguing people in this world. They are considered as the region‘s earliest inhabitants (it is estimated that they have been living here for the last 30,000+ years) and are still settled in many parts of Southern Africa.

The San people are the first people of Africa. This means the San are descendants of the first people who ever lived here, before black or white people migrated into the African region.

Archaeologists and geneticists agree, that the San are the descendants of the original Homo sapiens groupings, who occupied Southern Africa, for at least 150 000 years.

According to genetic studies and the geneticists: That one of the oldest gene patterns found in some modern humans, is that of the Khoe-San, and it dates back around 80 0000 years.

What does this mean?

That a large percentage of humans on earth, are all descendants from this original gene type. The only exception is that of Tanzania’s Hadzabe hunter-gatherers, and the genetic descendants from the Neanderthal and Denisovan genetic groupings.

Source: http://www.gateway-africa.com/countries/namibia/bushmen.htm


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