Thoughts with a lot of heart and some spot of intuition.

Just my two cents.
Thoughts with a lot of heart and some spot of intuition.

Let the Spirits guide you. A teacher from Assumption once reminded me that.

It was the day after the twentieth, the day of what would have been Ankong’s 98th birthday. It was the day before Trinity Sunday. It was the day for celebrating the feast of Sta. Rita de Cascia. It was a few days later, seven years on. But it was not just a day for this young man, it is not just a day for our family.

The twenty first of May became a day of the several days that have come and will come. Days that have brought to us and will bring to us “Aggregate Abundances.”

I bet Ankong was really, really happy to celebrate his birthday with us, like this. The presence of the Sing’s made this thought all the more real. His presence was all the more real. – And this, just converted this stone cold heart into mush. To be able to make this connection and develop it into an everlasting relation, makes this one of the most cherished memories. The simplicity by which they make their presence known, is belied by the deep stamp it leaves in our hearts. These are seemingly ordinary moments made extraordinary. (Happy Birthday, Pop Sunday! Ich Liebe Dich.) The biggest mystery that is no mystery at all.. is this- The Sing’s even brought us another copy of Ankong’s picture. How can you doubt his being present then.

Two (some) of the few faces (Pater, Sir Buen and some Blue Knights!) that remind me of the Goodness that is Mutti were also there. Seven years on, the love they send us along with their guiding words and comforting presence are as unwavering as ever. Mutti was right in sending her two boys to Santa Maria. All for Mary! All for Mary! Mary, as the Mother of All. It made the heart grow a little bigger to see the two boys work together, along with friends. Mutti is probably (definitely!) smiling from ear to ear when she saw how her two boys labored it out together.

Dear Bryan, Thank You. Aggregate Abundances has shown me how much we are loved as a family and how we have a family beyond our very own. Beyond blood, beyond water, beyond the skies and the seas. A family within the Goodness that connects our memories, our stories, our being. The Goodness that is brought both by days of sunshine and nights of thunder. We are aggregately abundant, not only because, but despite, and still.

In this way, you’ve set the world on fire, all for the Glory of God! AMDG.

And you know first hand how hard it is to crack this hardened heart.

Ich Liebe Dich Bruder!

In the photo is Domingo’s second eldest grandson, the first of the Liao boys, with his nephew, who is also named Domingo. What are the odds.

Photo by Bill.


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