Then and Now.

Then and now.

Been seeing the faces of the kids we had last summer catechism in SMP.

There was sioti, maige, and today I saw martha. They’ve probably grown an inch, got heavier by a pound, but it’s good to see them still looking like kids. Haha 

This thought bubbled up in a reality that time brings in every tick tock of the clock. So in seeing them, I was reminded by these words I wrote approx ten months ago- I try to remember the Good things of those moments=the Present of that time (not necessarily what became of it, the result) and carry it with me wherever I may be. That when I tend to fall into the blackhole of adulthood, I have something to hold on to and inspire the light to sparkle once again.

One time, I went to booksale and bought a children’s story book about virtues. It was primarily for the purpose of helping us tide over moments when the kids needed to be brought back into the NOW but not to delve them deeper into boredom. So we formed a big circle, sat on our chairs… I was the first to read everything, then had everyone read from each page one after the other.

It was the story of Humble Honeybee that brought joy into the hardened heart, when weeks after reading and only days before we were about to end, the kids remembered and requested to read it again. And there I thought, what I was giving them weren’t enough for them to keep in mind, in heart and in spirit.

Because, unknown to the kids, they’ve given me MORE. Contrary to how my mind works most of the time, I jumped into it without making assumptions and building false expectations. Everyday was a new day. Every day brought a calmness I wouldn’t have expected from the self.

We usually dealt with the mothers, and they were very kind. It’s good to see them, it’s good to see them smile, it’s good to see them direct that smile to their kids, it’s good to seem them share that smile with you, it’s good to smile back and say a silent thank you inside the heart.

Thanks for the reminder! 

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