The Road Less Travelled

When you take the road less travelled, sometimes you feel the need to have had someone who walked that same path before you present during your own walk. It might help you understand and accept some of the things you have to go through than what you thought you would experience along the way.

May it be the cracking of the ego everyday, may it be the tired eyes tired back tired mind, may it be the breaking of the heart, may it be the constant battle to keep the faith- in yourself and with God. All the while not making a big fuzz about it, keeping silent.

The battle is- Emotional, Physical, Mental, Spiritual. It might also help others understand and accept some of the things you have to go through more than what they think you do, make false presumptions and brush it aside as something petty compared to their own.

This, when you even refrain from doing so because you still feel inadequate for still being in the beginning as to their own being in the middle of the route. Sometimes I also ask myself, why be a lawyer when it would’ve been easier to just join the same industry we grew up in (like the rest of the crowd).

But maybe the Lord says-

I didn’t give you life to just live an easy one. I didn’t give you an intrinsic mind to think deeper to just follow other people’s views. I didn’t give you a mouth to voice other people’s opinions. I made you to be you, not solely for you. No, I didn’t create you just to live for yourself. I made you for Me. I know you’re going to do so many wonderful things. Not because of the amount of praises you’ll receive. But because I love you and I believe in you, My dearest child. Be empowered by My love. You have My heart, always.

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