The Battle of the Five Armies

Lingering thoughts on the battle of the five armies are just hard to put into words. Here’s just part of it, for now.

After A B and C watched the last installment of the hobbit in D, D, D…
A asked his two friends this very important question:
“So what part of the movie touched you the most?”

Richard Armitage on Family legacies and Thorin Oakenshield:

Of course, you know
I think, we carry some of the burdens of our parents.
And maybe they are unfulfilled dreams
Or, you know, wishes that they…
That they haven’t achieved.

Certainly with Thorin,
That’s what he carries with him…

But out of love for them
And loyalty to his people
He.. He makes that attempt
He risks his life to..
To reclaim that.

We are always wanting to make our parents proud
Or you know,
Thorin’s father is lost..
As far as he’s concerned and..
But the memory of him is something he needs to honor
And uh ah you know
That’s why he takes on the quest.

Thorin Oakenshield: I am sorry that I made you a part of my perils…
Bilbo Baggins: No! I am glad to have shared in your perils – that is more than any Baggins deserves!


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