Starting Points and Landmarks

He sent some heavy artillery.
On that last week.
When the mind was numb.
From all the reading.
The last hurrah.

I’m big on history, on the why and how of things. I was never satisfied with just a simple explanation, believing there is always something more. A journey is not a journey without the convergence of the path we have walked and the path we are about to take on the path we are taking. Before we go through the middle and reach the end, we first have to begin.

We are given various starting points with different landmarks to show us which path we are to take, for us to fulfill His purpose for us. A purpose higher than the dreams we have for ourselves. One of those landmarks are the grands. Despite not having met them personally, I believe their stories helped shape my being.

A few months ago, Dichi dreamt of Lolo D. Well, his photo, moving.. smiling.. brightly!

On that week, I saw these two very special people on two separate occassions. While the self was in dilemma of fighting off sleep or indulging in a few more minutes of golden slumber, I had a glimpse of these two distinctive faces in my dreams. And I rarely have dreams.

It would’ve meant something else. It would’ve meant not a thing at all. But in choosing to believe in the Good that is greater than myself, maybe it was the grands way of propelling me to “go set the world on fire!” “We believe in you. We’re behind you all the way.”

Thank you for letting me see you.

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