Set the World on Fire

In this day and age, we are easily blinded by the titles of power, material wealth and education (among others). We dare not find fault in these things because they give us easy access to the desires of the physical world- power, position, money.

But the life of St. Ignatius, and of the many saints and blesseds, show us how these things are fleeting. Life on earth is limited, beyond this life is eternity. To which would you be willing to do more? The very question asked by Iggy.

Made some realizations after watching the movie, and I would like to write this letter to my two brothers- whom I have always been proud to have been brought up with Jesuit influence, and in effect a letter to me and to the many who may have the heart to listen.

Dear bros,

One of the best things that Mutti is right about- sending you two to Santa Maria. Our lives are made full with the presence of the many people we’ve been fortunate to meet and develop a bond stronger than that of families through the Gift of Santa Maria.

I know how adamant you feel in referring to yourselves as Santa Marians, and not mere Ateneans. Your ability and desire to ‘Set the World on Fire’ do not entirely depend on the title of your diploma. Your ability and desire to ‘Set the World on Fire’ is not limited by the fact that you are recipients of diplomas from an educational institution like Ateneo. Because you are more than Ateneans. You are more than Santa Marians, though this title feels more heartwarming when made in reference to one’s special devotion to the Mother. You are more than your diplomas.

For you have been guided and are continued to be guided by Jesuit teachings- the heart of Ignacio. Many may desire to have that badge of privilege the said educational institution is able to provide, but only a few are able to truly understand and live out the very values- the heart- of a Jesuit education, a Jesuit- inspired living.

Continue to “Set the World on Fire.” For in doing so, you continue to inspire our family to do the same. As Pater once said, it is good that you are five kids in the family, each one of you thinking in the same way, each one of you thinking in different ways. More minds to think, more hearts to give kindness.

More than your hearts bleeding blue, let your souls bleed for the teachings of the Jesuits in our life-long search for God and His love. For in doing so, you inspire us to do the same.

Inspiration- In the Spirit of God.

Happy Feast of St. Ignatius! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

PS I remember Joy taking this photo. Fr. Robbie was at the back (I was standing at his back haha) looking on with the biggest smile one could have ever seen. EditπŸ˜†EditπŸ˜†EditπŸ˜†



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