Our Hearts Filled with Stories.

Ahhhh, a good night to fill our hearts with stories.

This is Lola Adelaida, she has been taking care of the church in Odiong even before it was transferred in its current location in 1989.

The original Church was located near the elementary school and was only a “payag-payag.” After Lola R and Tita P’s successful operation, they offered the soil upon which it stands now in grateful thanksgiving. That was in 1988. By 1989, the church was built one brick at a time.

The image of Jesus on the Cross was given by Tito T in representation of the P’s. It is made of wood, handcarved in Paete, Laguna and shipped to Iloilo. Lola Adelaida fondly tells of the night she found it on her doorstep: “I just arrived from Iloilo and it was brown out pa.” Apparently her son was the one who received it, having no call prior to its arrival. He left it outside their house, on a table, with one lit candle. “Nakulbaan man ako ba.” We laughed! Thinking of how it would have looked.

Sto. Niño man guid ang patron ridya. The original Sto.Niño is the small black one they use for the procession. It comes from another family (the Rodriguez). Why did Lola D offer to give a Sto. Niño? Did anyone ask her for it? Wara, wara man. It was just, one day gin dul-ong lang ja. Ano by gin pa dul-ong na lang? Sin-o by nag dul-ong? Si Lola mo guid nag dul-ong. Nag abot lang guid tana ja one day, dara na run ang Sto. Niño. Maybe her devotion also started when she had to go through the process of dialysis. Lola D passed away in 1984. The current church was built in 1989. Lola D gave the Sto. Niño while the church was still in its old location. There, mystery solved. 😉

In a conversation with Tita C, she mentioned that Lola had someone buy her the Sto. Niño in Manila (Nanay ni Luz, paryente man).

As always, bisperas dinner at Lola Adelaida’s house was just as delightful!

Thank you for the stories Tita C, Tita Y, Lola A. 💙💙


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