On Names and Days

A few days before the whole day I heard the names Vicente and Dolores mentioned, though with different last names.

A few days before the few days before the whole day, I remember having the urge to look through photos of you guys stored in my cameral roll. I can’t really say, but I felt the urge to write something about you… but still didn’t know what about. So maybe this is it.

Thank you for your ever supportive presence. It warms the hardened heart, and it ignites new hope in a darkened spirit.

A few days after the few days before the whole day, Dichi posted a photo of Domingo.. Pop Sunday’s nephew. So there, these three are present again.

On the day of the whole day, letters were made into words, words were made into phrases, words were then added to phrases and made into sentences. But two letters stood out amongst the jumble of words that caused the mind to go numb and the hand to experience a slight twitching, BC. Yep, BC. It wasn’t B and C, it was exactly BC. That brought a smile to the face of tired eyes and huge eyebags. Oh and stuffy nose, but shhh don’t tell Vati. The FIC ice cream just looked so irresistible. 😂😷

The Lord never fails to give the gift of gratitude. He knows that in our being human, we need to ask for His graces and we want to give thanks for His graces. For by His grace, promises are fulfilled.

Photo features one of the four narra chairs of Lolo D. This one has an extension.

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