On Mark Zuckerberg and His Everyday Grey T-shirts.

On Mark Zuckerberg and his everyday grey t-shirts.

Nobody could have said it better, “I really want to clear my life so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community.”

Okay, I’m not on that same stage or that same level as he is but the principle of making life more simple by making less trivial decisions and be able to concentrate on things that you give more priority in furtherance of your purpose … is actually on point. Well, for this introvert.

It really does depend on personality. Some of us make clothes as an outlet of our creativity. Not really for me. Edit😉

Was it a conscious decision? At the beginning no, not really. As kids, we look up to our parents for guidance and inspiration. This is true, especially as we grow into adults. As little girls, we grow in special adoration of our mothers who are all things gentle, beautiful and kind. As little girls, we grow in special adoration of our fathers who are all things cool.

Establishing my own personal “uniform” is that something cool I copied from meine Vati. Gosh the ego. But seriously, this thought might be true – there are two ways to be cool
1) to go along the waves of the trends of time; and
2) to go against the waves of the trends of time.

I chose the latter. Less pressure. On the first, it seems as if we readily accept the voice of society, though there may be varieties. For some, they may be able to incorporate their personal preferences, others may not. And I always reminded myself not to be pressured by society. But not all of us have that privilege of thought, the privilege of making that decision. This does not equate to disregarding the voices from society outright. It just simply means that we choose not to be pressured by it, we listen but we make our own choices based on a stronger sense of our own personal panata.

Some people have been courageous enough to tell me upfront, “palareho guro tanan mo na bayo no.” And I’d laugh.

Each one of us has his or her own priorities set. Each one of us has his or her own way of fulfilling those priorities. This one, is more of a double bladed decision- one inspired by meine Vati and the other to simplify the runnings of the mind. As an introvert, the mind works more than the mouth most of the time. It does not make us more brilliant than the extroverts ha. It just makes us seem less talkative. Siguro. Edit😂Sometimes it’s hard to make the mind shut up. Edit😂

Blue has always been my color. It calms the soul. White has been my parents color, especially Vati. So its probably because of them that I developed a preference for white also. Unconsciously, this is probably a way of having them with me all the time. Edit💙

One added preference I’ve made after years of having my own uniform, it’s always better to have them without brand logos/brand names stamped conspicuously.

Here’s a video of Mark answering the question why he wears the same kind of shirt everyday- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/facebook/11217273/Facebooks-Mark-Zuckerberg-Why-I-wear-the-same-T-shirt-every-day.html.

Oh, and some enneagram points are present here too. Haha

This is somewhat dork fashown lingo. Edit😂Edit


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