Mary, for You. 

Happy to have been invited to see some of my kids from last year’s Catechism have their First Communion. 

More than the stories they shared with me. More than the stories I shared with them. It is those moments captured in silent smiles and joyful greetings of their own mothers that made it all the more special.

Josh was a very quiet kid, but easy to work with. He had a curious mind, his shyness did not deter him from asking questions when need be. He was obedient and followed instructions. Except when there was dancing. That part I resonated well with him. Haha.

To have had him in class was a joy! Based on my own personal observations then, he probably comes from your typical Chinese family of pure ancestry. On the first day, his mom had to wait outside for the entire duration of the class. But it is with kids like him that my inner being smiles with delight and my hardened heart softens up.

I was always drawn to the quiet. The one’s nobody expects to be, but has. The one’s nobody thought to be, but do. Those who persevere in the silence of their hearts, and shy away from public applause.

On the few days before the culminating Sunday, I had the chance to speak with his mom. I said, “Thank You, I hope Josh enjoyed his catechism class and actually learned something.” To which her face bloomed into this huge smile and replied, “He does! He looks forward to the day’s class.”

Thank you, huhu, thank you so much.

Teaching is a dream I’ve always been drawn to, but has remained to be an elusive one. I will always be grateful for this experience. It has given me the courage to do the things that the heart wants but the mind stalls because of time and other factors.

I come from a line of teachers and readers. (I think) Teaching remains to be one of the more honorable actions to this day. Teaching remains to be one of the more encompassing sources of hope. Not everybody may be a teacher, but each one of us is always presented with the opportunity to teach. In this view, to teach is not to force ideas inside another’s mind; but to weave a magic of deeper understanding through listening. We teach not only to give information, but to receive and learn from another.

All these are a culmination of the things I have learned from people who has have had the patience and understanding to meet the demands of my mind and being. The Good you have shown is always treasured.

Dear Mama Mary,

These memories of the kids are my gifts to you. For you have persevered in the belief of the Goodness in our being; especially on days when we have forgotten that we too are Good, we too have been borne of God’s Goodness.

Happy Birthday! (For Sept. 8) How fitting that I am able to live a dream in a parish named after you.

Note: Shoti and Josh (the two kids in the photo inset) were not part of the First Communion this summer. But it was a privilege have had them in class.

Thank you, again, Ma’am Marj and Sir Manny.

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