Liao Kim Hio Wedding

Went out late in the afternoon for the sole intent of buying fabric paint. But the universe had other plans…

This is a picture of A-ma’s wedding to Mr. Sun/ Mr. Sing. A-ma travelled to the Philippines with her husband, she was nineteen years old then. Asked the Sun Tita’s if Lolo travelled with them, they said no, that he probably travelled later pa. They told me her birth date, well it was her birth date based on the Chinese Calendar that is (effort on my part to find the English calendar equivalent). She was born on the year 1910. Asked if she was a pakha, they said no- she was born at the time when the law requiring women to bind their feet was already abolished.

When the youngest Sun was about 6-8 years old, some family members from China visited. They also have a photo of that moment hanging inside their house. One of those who visited them was their father’s, Mr. Sun’s uncle. Lolo Sun kept in touch with them and sent them a copy of this photo. Next time we get to visit them, I’ll surely have a copy of this same photo- as promised by them. Hehe

Sadly, this photo only includes the groom’s family. Although, at first I thought my Liao great grandfather was the one on A-ma’s left- with the long white beard, but apparently not. They also don’t know why the Liao’s are not in this photo. This was taken in a private school established by the Sun Family in China. Unfortunately, this school does not exist anymore.

Here’s to you A-ma- Liao Kim Hio.

Photo was probably taken in the late 1920s.


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