Internal Conversation.

Internal Conversation.
Of the internal organs.
Of the internal self.
Craziness of…

Before class,

Self to Ego: Yo ego, you’ll just have to take some beating tonight. I bet you’re used to it already after all these years…

Ego: That’s just dandy! ….. Not!Ā šŸ˜ 

Before the Self said those things to the Ego,

Mind to Self: Sorry dude, I can only help you with the quiz today… I.. just.. feel.. so.. full already. You’ll just have to widow your way through tonight’s recitation.

After class,

Self (depicted in this photo): Oh well. I’ll just do better next time.


Eyes coordinating with fingers from the right hand: (doing the two-finger eye threatening move)

Mind: (Thinking- Dude I’m like behind the eyes!)Ā šŸ˜‘

Ego: Asshole.

Heart: Shut up Ego.

Tummy: Oooh, Bill bought me American Legacy!

Fingers: (Typing all this in the keypad)

Conscience: I feel like a slug for posting this.


Bladder: Guys, I need to pee.

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