In Search of the Good

Each one of us is always in search of the Good. Will we find it? We experience a glimpse of it now and then. Maybe that’s where the mystery of God’s creation differs from science or the story that science is unable to reduce into a simple equation.

What is lasting happiness? What is joy that lasts? Are they the same? Have you ever asked yourself that?

The rampant consumerism that is taking place in this generation proves that it is not it.

Experience then? Experience, living through moments and possibly storing them into memory; acquiring some of life’s lessons.

Or moments? Those times when you feel like life is at a stand-still, when you feel something the most. Keywords: feel and stand-still. What makes ‘moments’ different from experiences are the emotions attached to it.

Or… Memories. Those moments lived through the mind and remembered through the heart.

Everyone of us will claim to have experienced happiness. We’re always searching for it and we tend to feel the need to top one level of happiness after another, hoping to reach nirvana. But we really don’t. Or do we? The level of happiness lived through moment 1 will not probably be the same level in moment 2. Why the need to top it? Why the need to compare it? Well, why not.

Maybe it is innate in being human to be searching. Even those who claim to be content with whatever they have, are still looking for something. Searching is not only synonymous to ambitions, dreams, wants or needs. Searching may be better equated with purpose.

God would not have created us to merely exist. God would have created us because he wanted to see something Good grow. Maybe. Nobody really knows His mind.


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