I Hoarded More Words

I rarely go out. When I do. Well, I try to, with a purpose. 😃😃 This is one HEPPY little girl.

This hoarder of words hoarded more words from those whose words are worthy to be hoarded.

Tony Meloto-
1. Grow your integrity. Your character.
2. We don’t invest in ideas, we invest in people.
3. We don’t want to cultivate a culture of dependence.
4. First of all, STOP buying IMPORTED products.
5. Our poverty is not in the pocket, our poverty is in/of the mind.
6. Social entrepreneurship- bridging (all people).
7. Poor- (We should treat them) as family, not charity.
9. Just live with honor. Do not put a price tag on yourself.
10. Why does it take a foreigner to see Filipino talent?

Shirley Tan
1. On changing circumstances/Difference in people’s circumstances — Your value does not change.
2. On why she looks up to Filipinos- It does not matter how high or low their job is, they can do everything and anything just to get it done.
3. Do not just pray for success for yourself, but for others (as well). Be inclusive.

Louis Faure
1. Innovation (change). Doing things better. Improving lives. Not necessarily related to technology. Not only creating something new BUT creating something new THAT makes other people’s lives better.

Adding a purpose
Profit + Purpose
Competence + Compassion

Good story
Good product
Good advocacy

1. It’s not a a question of how much you have, but how you use it.
2. They’re not your workers. They’re your partners.

Getting ahead of myself. The omen of blue polo and the right sided piluka. Hmmmm


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