Humility and Confidence.

Understanding. Looking for a middle ground. Reconciling two concepts coming from two opposite poles: Humility and Confidence.

As human beings we cannot not help but seek to grow in confidence of our selves, of our accomplishments, of our knowledge, of what we hope to achieve. And in seeking we are able to/we do grow in confidence. But here the line between humility and confidence become more prominent, and at the same time blurry. In short, we mistake one for the other, we cover one over the other.

Then the point on being and ego comes in thought. Like in most things, there is the good and there is the bad. Ego-driven confidence might be bad. It primarily promotes the self, for the benefit of the self. Read notes on Eckhart Tolle’s ego and being. Being inspired with Confidence might be good. Because Being is separate from Ego, our Being comes from God, our Being is what is good. Our Being is in reference to God in us.

Here lies our dilemma: HOW/WHEN to grow in confidence and remain humble. In theory, – which is basically easier to write down than act on- is to separate the Being from the Ego. Grow in awareness, become aware of the fact that when the food of confidence is falsely fed to the Ego, we need to stop. Here confidence becomes false, confidence beats humility, confidence creates a bigger head.

Being inspired with Confidence- here, the self is confident in being able to know the Good, to understand some of the Good. Our belief in the Good grows. Humility and confidence walk hand in hand. That the good we’ve come to understand is true, it is with this truth that our Being is inspired with confidence.

These words quoted from the prof- when he tells us to check own quizzes.

Note: Babbling again. At least half of the brain is talking. One of these days might add/ contradict these current thoughts of the self. Hope it makes sense.

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