Twenty five years ago one of the well-remembered movies of our parent’s time came alive on cinema. The movie Ghost stars three of Hollywood’s most unforgettable characters. When it shot to fame, Demi Moore set the trend for pixie cut hair and left in its wake more women with short hair. I was reminded by this when I saw the trailer a few days ago while watching TV.

Meine Mutti absolutely loved it! Hence, the photo below. Mother’s love to think of their children as live dolls sometimes. Teehee. Mutti loved it so much that she didn’t only have her hair styled like Demi Moore’s, but mine too. I’m not really sure for how long I had pixie hair. But I guess I can say that for a time I was also in Neverland, as a Pixie. Lol Now I’m a Hobbit, hence the height.


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