For August 19. 

Dearest Lolo,

We always remember you. And in thinking of you, we also remember the stories you shared with us all the time. Now, I wish I could listen to you talk all day long.

Here’s one particular story that popped up along your smile:

The (Supposed) Origin of the K Family Name.

When Lolo shared this story, there were no first names mentioned. It happened too long ago. This was one of the few stories his father told him about his side of the family. A treasure!

K was a Filipino. I’m describing him as a Filipino loosely. Never really confirmed with Lolo the first K’s ethnicity though. But he was a Filipino no less. K was under the employ of a Spanish landowner. Not only that, he may also be considered as the latter’s right hand man.

The Spaniard had only one child, a daughter. To retain the land within the family and to keep it fruitful for the years to come, the Spaniard thought to have his daughter marry his head honcho K.

If they lived happily ever after, I don’t know. That is as short as the story Lolo shared with us. Maybe they did. I hope they did. Having the K name live this long since the Spanish colonization of the PH, they probably did.

How was Lolo able to tell this story? I was curious to know half of our ethincity. On the thought that only a few could claim to be Pure Filipino’s nowadays. And Lolo doesn’t look Filipino exactly.

Photo: (Pre WWII) This is one of the extremely few photos that lolo had/we have of lolo when he was a kid. With him is his older sister Lola Stella. After seeing a photo of the Centennial Man, Mr. K – Solis, in the Inquirer, I thought maybe Lolo had taken after his K side of the family in terms of looks, height, etc. But he always said that Lola Stella looked exactly liked their father, VK Senior. Been looking for photos of Lola Stella, in the hopes it might help with the search of VK Senior.

We miss you Lolo.

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