First Three

Sweet Susan and Chinaman DP’s first three grandkids were three girls: Tita B, Tita P and Tita C. The first from their son J and the last two from their daughter R. Tita P passed away in 1998.

We went on our first procession. Dichi and I walked along with Tita B, who admitted it was her first time too! In the middle of our walk, Tita B shared a beautiful story of Lola Sana. Every December she would bring the three girls to Odiong to harvest rice. Lola Sana assigned them their own “box” to harvest on their own. But Tita B said, “pero gina pa sigpot na man sa mga tinawo pagka sunod adlaw.” Then they would spend the night in the kamalig/house. “Kanamit to si Lola mo mag raha.” T si Lolo Diava by Tita, kaabot pa kamo? “Yes, I was in elementary when he passed away. Si Lolo ga adto ja mag aga. Pagkatapos kami pakan-on ni Lola Sana, hatdan na si Lolo kan-on.”

“I don’t really remember nga naka simba kami ja kauna. But you know, kauna kabay wara man guid t tricycle, wara pa man kami t sarakyan. Lain tana kaja hapos na lang mag biyahe.”

Ja na lang sa bago Tita B? “Yes, I can only remember attending mass here.”

I was surprised when Tita b started sharing this story. I didn’t really intend on asking any questions. My curiosity radar was on a low frequency since it was just recently (last night) filled with answers to the questions racking my brain for days. Nonetheless, I am grateful for it. I’ll dig deeper next time. 


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