Fantastic Beasts

After watching Fantastic Beasts-

Generally we’d like to think of ourselves as someone like Newt Scamander- full of good intentions.

But not many of us may be honest enough to admit that sometimes if not always, Credence comes out. That, is what scares us the most I think. Because in our being Credence, many may not like us, many may fear us, we become the unwanted. A total roundabout from what society dictates we should be if we want to be loved, accepted, lauded.

Though Machiavelli said- it is better to be feared than loved if you cannot be both. Chos. Especially when faced with our own Percival Graves and worse our very own Mary Lou. The Percival Graves and Mary Lou in our lives are just like them (wolf in sheep’s clothing, selfish, self-righteous bastards, power tripping asses), but may be heightened by the proximity of so called relations.

Sometimes, more than our being Newt Scamander is also our desire to be somehow like Noah Kowalski- just happy to live, simply.

Admittedly, I relate well with Credence. Everything is bottled up inside. It is when at my boiling point and someone says something wrong or does something wrong, will I blow up in a snap- in huge proportions. (Given my impatience for other peoples propensity to act stupidly). For a quiet person like me, people find that hard to believe. One person even dared to say, I’d like to see you really get mad. To which my sarcastic little brain replied in thought, really. I hope you’re brave enough to face me by then.

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