A simple YES!

It started out as a simple yes to a question that has been asked a few times in the past years. Then it became a revelation of some part of the self. It has been on the bucket list of things to do, and now it is on the list of things fulfilled. It was a favor being asked, which later became a thank you given back. It was supposed to go through weeks of overthinking but was answered in a snap. It was some kind of offering, both for redemption and for thanksgiving. A reminder, a story to remember, a memory to keep.

Thank you Ma’am Marj and Sir Manny for this gift. It was not so much about me feeding them with information, or them taking it all in one gulp. It was more of an immersion, where both the teachers and students communicated on the same level (and learned from each other). Not because we acted like kids or what. It was more of opening ourselves to the many possibilities that the experience may bring. To humble ourselves and accept the fact that even adults can learn from children. I wanted to find that, I was looking for that. Having been buried in the dire world of law and order. I am deeply humbled by the simplicity that children bring into the world that adults have complicated. I am moved by it, but it won’t be a guarantee of change. I try to remember the Good things of those moments=the Present of that time (not necessarily what became of it, the result) and carry it with me wherever I may be. That when I tend to fall into the blackhole of adulthood, I have something to hold on to and inspire the light to sparkle once again.

How lovely it was to hear parents talk of their children learning new things. How lovely it was to hear the children remember the story of Humble Bumblebee and her friends. How lovely it was to see the parents glow in the goodness of having their children be part of Sunday Mass. I can’t help but picture my own self performing in front while my own parents look on with joy. Even when in reality, I hated performing in front of the crowd. Now I understand. There is that deep sense of accomplishment for them.

The number of children do not matter. It never did. I was relieved to have only a handful of them for a start. But the days that turned into stories, the stories that turned into memories, have multiplied by a hundred fold and will keep the jar of joy filled for life.

Sometimes I think you know more than I do about my ability of accomplishing things. You don’t push me like most people usually do. Which is good. I don’t know if you intended it, but by giving me simple instructions and leaving the rest for me to figure out gave me the boost I probably needed to accomplish things. Like that one time I had to be commentator too. And I appreciate that, truly. Since I have the tendency to over analyze the pros and cons of things before diving in. It seems as if I wasn’t given a choice but I was given a choice. Nevertheless, it was all done with God’s grace. As you reminded me once, Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.


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