A Good Start to a Good Year. 

Most of the time we’re hooked up with the highs of the times we spend most in laughter. We forget that even those moments filled with simple smiles and silent tears are very much special too. 

Current thoughts: I hope to grow old as Tito T (he will be turning 84yo this year). And when I do, I’ll look back at this moment and maybe shed a tear or two, grateful that we still had this connection with Lolo D. To have had quiet sundays filled with the sounds of stories of days gone by. Though most of the time these stories may lack some very important facts, but perseverance will get you somewhere. And I did.

Mr. Sing was an island-born Chinaman, who went back to China to marry A-ma. Afterwhich, Mr. Sing brought A-ma to Iloilo. This came up again because I asked if Mr. Sing or A-ma had landing papers when they first arrived here in the PH. This stemmed from another conversation I had with a diff set of Chinese Lola’s. No, they didn’t have landing papers, as far as they know/remember because Mr. Sing was already born here and eventually grew up in the PH, he didn’t need to have one. He only went back to China to get married and bring his bride to the PH. And so he did. Oh, and, I’m not sure whether or not the two Filipino yaya’s sent to accompany A-ma were part of the dowry. Nevertheless, they didn’t bring them back to the PH. One of them eventually married a Chinese too.

Some bits and pieces of Lolo D-

Lolo D first came to the PH via Cebu at the age of 12. This was a few years after A-ma arrived in Iloilo. Lolo D lived in Cebu with another sibling (biggest mystery my hands are itching to solve), uncles, cousins, mostly their extended family.

Later when he already transferred to Iloilo, one of the few odd jobs he had was working at La Pepita de Oro. La Pepita de Oro was owned by Chu Suey, grandfather of Boracay Regency’s Henry Chusuey (though they probably chose to use as last name the former’s full Chinese name). La Pepita de Oro was located in Iznart and JM Basa, the store had two openings. Tita T said, kanamit na sang una sang ila pandesal kag egg crackers! To be honest though, they had to do alot of digging to supply us with the answers to our rapid questions.

I was sitting across Tito T and beside Tita A. I was busy asking Tito T questions varying from his experience during the Japanese occupation to stories of Lolo D. Meanwhile, Tita A was also busy giving me all the food! But this curious little rabbit will not be deterred.

On how Lolo D met Lola D- Mr. Sing worked for a gas company and traveled to Antique most days. Tito T would sometimes accompany him too. It was through Ignacio Uy, a Chinese from Iloilo who married a Pechueco from Antique, that Lolo D met Lola D. One could say Ignacio Uy was the one who played cupid with the two D’s. So TING! went my curious little brain and excitedly asked Vati if he knows them. Yes, yes, he does. Hayyy, salamat guid sa istorya nga ini. A joy-filled memory.

My hearts sings for the beauty of this memory. But my heart also dropped a few tears when it realized that they’re not getting any younger and that the memories they carry are getting old too.

I needed to write all these down. I still have some left though. Wil find the right photo to post the story.

Love and Gratitude!


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