A Bucket List of Some Sort.

This advice from our prof in Politics and Governance intrigued me enough for it to have gotten stuck in the deeper cavities of my brain. To make the point clear, let me introduce him first.

Prof Q’s family owns a big business. When I say big, I mean it is big enough to cover luzon visayas and mindanao. Prof Q is probably related to one Justice Q too. Prof Q is now Cong. Q of Cebu.

He shared this tidbit with us: he attended high school in the US. There he worked as a part time pizza delivery guy. For how long, I don’t know.

He told us that if possible we should try and work for people who do not know us, who do not know our parents, vice versa. Everything based on skill and merit.

So I tried to live out that advice. A bucket list of some sort. But I wouldn’t say I lived it on the dot. It wasn’t a job job per se. It was more of a learning process. I didn’t get hired the regular way. I offered, she accepted. I wanted to harness the skills that seem too foreign from what we were brought up to do- which is to join the family business. Though I’m happy to say I got in not because of family/friend connections but because … well, I did offer … Atty is my teacher = she knows me based on my performance in school (This means she does not know who my parents are, my siblings. She like many assume that me being a Filipino Chinese is into business. Of which I am grateful for. Hehe). Trust me, it’s not even that remarkable. I try to get by, and with God’s grace I do get by and sometimes more than the expected. Keyword being sometimes, meaning rarely. Well it was more like me asking for permission to work for her. Good thing she smiled and said yes!

I know for many, this is nothing out of the ordinary. But for me, this is already something. A break in the mold of expectations. No not family expectations. Not surprisingly my expectations of myself are greater than theirs. I am talking about society’s expectations. How some would see you as being a privileged kid who does not seem to need to work. When we actually do, and no we do not consider ourselves privileged in that aspect. How some would think you will not be able to apply what you have learned. When you can and do. There are many boxes of expectations that people around us have placed us inside, depending on their stand point.

But in all these things, the most important person to please and the expectations we need to fulfill are those of the Father.

By God’s grace, it’s been pretty interesting. It’s not everyday that you get to be asked to draft a motion to archive (when there’s no exact legal form you can copy and paste it from, all from scratch), have it filed in court, and be granted by the Judge. PS some corrections were made. 


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