Energy Vampires

​A conversation on energy vampires. In the beginning of our enneagram seminar with w Sr. Fids, she shared these words from the Jesuit Piere Teilhard de Chardin "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Earlier in the year, I had this online discussion with friends … Continue reading Energy Vampires



​Hypocrisy in a word. Narcissism works too. Also, self-centered. But a shorter version would be stupidity. Gaaaad. Deliver me from other people's gullibility, stupidy, and lack of empathy. Some people are blinded by their privileged lifestyles that they do not listen to understand, they either listen to reply or plainly not listen at all. Because … Continue reading Vent

To the Narcissists in our lives.

​Avoid them at all costs. Synonymous to shallow. Basically a unilateral relationship where they quack about themselves and the amazingly puurrrfect lifestyles they strive to show people- but in truth embedded with lies lies lies. Note on the word lifestyles, not life. True living involves a reciprocal relation of talking and listening, a give and … Continue reading To the Narcissists in our lives.


​August 19, 2016 BFG. It was that scene where BFG first smiled at Sophie that made this hardened heart turn to mush. I swear, at that moment, he seemed just like you Lo. I could easily picture myself being at the receiving end of your smile  and smiling eyes.  To my very own big friendly … Continue reading BFG