Year II- St. Catherine

​I once asked some teachers from Assumption Iloilo, and even some #purpledots, how they came up with the names of sections in high school. Didn’t really get a concrete answer. But the one that Mrs. S shared actually made sense. 

I am one of three girls lucky enough to have been handed down with one of the greatest versions of a hand me down- Assumption Formation. As the youngest of three, there was a high probability that I would end up in any of the section’s either or both my sisters were previously assigned to. 
Here’s a probable answer as to how and why one of the class sections in sophomore year is St. Catherine- 

On April 30, 1839, the feast of St. Catherine of Siena, SME and MTE met in a small apartment in rue Férou, a tiny lane near Saint Sulpice. It is appropriate that the came together on such a day, for Catherine had been someone who had combined an active life in and for the Church with the deepest contemplation. Now, in the evening, as the great bells of Saint Sulpice joined all the other bells of the capital to ring in the month of Mary, they realized that the day was equally appropriate for a congregation dedicated to the Assumption. Year after year, SME would celebrate that anniversary be recounting once more the amazing deeds of God. 

Marie Eugenie Milleret, A woman’s spiritual search in 19th century France by Sr. Hélène-Marie Bories, RA

I was a Catherine in sophomore year.

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