Birthday: Liao Kao To

The significance of the name Domingo, a variation of Dominic, in relation to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary has been growing in great interest for this child of Type Six who was born on her feast day. I found another story to share that connects two members of the same family, separated by time, … Continue reading Birthday: Liao Kao To


Tausug Moon Creation: How God Created The World.

The Tausug or SULUK people are an ethnic group in the Philippines and Malaysia. "Tausug" comes from these two words "tau" (man) and "sug" (current). Traditionally the Tausug are sailors, pearl divers and traders. Their ancestral homelands in the Sulu Archipelago have vigorous tidal currents that flow from the Sulu and China Seas to the … Continue reading Tausug Moon Creation: How God Created The World.