MMA: Mother Marie Augustine

Many stories have been shared of our foundress, St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus (as is proper). Only a few are told, and (very) rarely known to many of us (like me!), of MMA and MTE.

I guess in some way or another, my landing on the doorsteps of MMA is akin to that of Harry Potter being “sorted” towards Gryffindor (because his parents belonged to the House of Gryffindor). I’m not sure how the teachers choose students or how they group them in sections.. so when it was my turn, I was almost 100% sure that I would end up in the same section like my sisters. AND we all had the same Class Adviser! Imagine having the same set of L’s every year! lol Maybe sometimes it’s a simple question of “Ano section ni manang mo?” hahaha. Though it may sound silly!

Anyway.. here’s a tidbit I found on the web about Mother Marie Augustine:

“…then the vocation of Anastasia Bévier was an express. A native of Normandy, orphaned at an early age, she had spent her childhood and youth in a boarding school where she had learned to love study. She was a bit of a bluestocking. Although it was rare at that time for a woman to do so, she had taken university exams and had passed with honors. One day, as she was walking through the streets of Paris, she suddenly found she could believe absolutely in the existence of Christ. By her own testimony it was the most beautiful moment of her life. From then on she was decided: she would dedicate herself completely to Christian education, to the teaching of faith to the young. One day, in search of the sacrament of penance, she met Father Combalot sitting tirelessly in his confessional in the church of the Carmelites. We can only imagine their initial dialogue and subsequent encounters, but we do have an account of the most decisive meeting from Anastasia herself. She reported: ‘That day, having run out of arguments, Father Combalot showed me his library, the Summa of Saint Thomas, and the enormous folios of the Fathers of the Church. He said, ‘You will read all of that!’’Oh, then I am yours!’ I cried out.'”

“Later, Anastasia, who was to become Sister Marie Augustine and principal of several schools, would develop an entirely new course of studies for the students of the Assumption. Remembering her own youthful disappointment at and disgust with the incomplete and tendentious spirit of traditional textbooks, she would write new texts that explored the relationship of faith with culture and culture with faith.”

Love & Gratitude!



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