Missing the Beagles

I know, you know. I can hear the silence of your sadness. But thanks for maintaining such a brave and joyful face though! Because I know you know, just one look at those sweet sad eyes and I’m a goner. Even with that smile, I can feel my eyes about to water and my throat start to hurt.

I’m sorry, that in my journey to fulfill my own dreams I have to leave home for weeks and miss you.

I (will) always have your laughter tucked inside my heart, I (will) always have your smile pictured in my mind. I am always bound by the endless joy you have for life, that is what inspires me to go through weeks until we can run free (again) amongst the trees and the green.

Thank you for the simplicity of our summer. Nothing is more awesome than spending it with you guys, seeing you run around with glee, hearing you howl like there’s no tomorrow, and hanging out on the front porch on Sunday’s.

Don’t worry, before you know it, I’m back home again!
Just don’t grow up so fast!

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