Pope Francis’ Guide to Lent: What You Should Give Up This Year


Christians around the world mark the beginning of Lent with the celebration of Ash Wednesday. This ancient day and season has a surprising modern appeal. Priests and pastors often tell you that outside of Christmas, more people show up to church on Ash Wednesday than any other day of the year—including Easter. But this mystique isn’t reserved for Christians alone. The customs that surround the season have a quality to them that transcend religion.

Perhaps most notable is the act of fasting. While Catholics fast on Ash Wednesday and on Fridays during the Lenten season, many people—religious or not—take up this increasingly popular discipline during the year.

MORE Here’s What People On Twitter Say They’re Giving Up For Lent

But Pope Francis has asked us to reconsider the heart of this activity this Lenten season. According to Francis, fasting must never become superficial. He often quotes the early Christian mystic…

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Assumption Journal: CAPIZ

Before this #AssumptionPlaidPlanner will be delivered to its new home in exchange for an early RA valentine/ early CNY gift, it travelled a few hours from the city on Sunday morning to begin its life of collecting stories and sharing them. First agenda was to go on a roadtrip, off-roading on a 4x4 wheel drive … Continue reading Assumption Journal: CAPIZ

Honoring My Mother: My First Repost

Melissa Writes of Passage

image courtesy of Dwight Pounds Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds

Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds Image courtesy of Dwight Pounds

Driving the plane tree-canopied Roman roads of southern France with my parents last week, I noticed in my peripheral vision that my mom, sitting next to me in the back seat, was gripping the door handle.

Why the grip? I thought. She’s buckled in, there’s no one else on this road, Randall’s a safe driver, and we’re cruising this long, straight line. 

Mid-thought, I realized I was gripping my door handle, too. Exactly like her.

I also saw my mom was chewing gum. (I dislike gum-chewing.)

And mid-thought, I realized I was mid-chawnk.

She’s so animated, I’d been noticing all week, and look at her whip up a conversation with any stranger. Like me, my kids say.  And just like the way she used to call for us – operatically, throughout our little Utah neighborhood –– “Oh, Daaaaaltons! Come…

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10 Things That Will Prevent You From Getting Sick, Backed By Research


Look at pictures of sick people.

Via The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature:

Being exposed to photographs of individuals spreading their germs (e.g., via sneezing or coughing) is sufficient to elicit a boost in one’s immunological defense system.

It’s legit. Here’s the study he’s referring to:

An experiment (N = 28) tested the hypothesis that the mere visual perception of disease-connoting cues promotes a more aggressive immune response. Participants were exposed either to photographs depicting symptoms of infectious disease or to photographs depicting guns. After incubation with a model bacterial stimulus, participants’ white blood cells produced higher levels of the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) in the infectious-disease condition, compared with the control (guns) condition. These results provide the first empirical evidence that visual perception of other people’s symptoms may cause the immune system to respond more aggressively to infection. Adaptive…

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NIKKO: Imperial Summer House

We walked through these bonny- aged walls of the Imperial Summer House. A treasure found in the quaint city of Nikko. It humbly gives you silence. Not the silence that shatters, Not the silence that prohibits joyful laughter. It is the silence of nature, the silence of God in Nature. One that leaves you in … Continue reading NIKKO: Imperial Summer House

Courage Roared Like a Lion

Technically, in (my) shoeboken, no face with eyes, nose and mouth should appear (can be found). But as it is with most rules/laws, there maybe exceptions to the general rule, and even exceptions to the exceptions. This could be a "God in All Things." It actually is. But the life-event this image represents is also … Continue reading Courage Roared Like a Lion

MMA: Mother Marie Augustine

Many stories have been shared of our foundress, St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus (as is proper). Only a few are told, and (very) rarely known to many of us (like me!), of MMA and MTE. I guess in some way or another, my landing on the doorsteps of MMA is akin to that of Harry … Continue reading MMA: Mother Marie Augustine