The Grands

The holidays were full of reminders from the grands. There was that white butterfly on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve = Lolo K. During the break, I went through Pop Sunday’s almost 50+ year old cabinet (currently housed inside my room) and found “treasures” of days gone by. Technically, a holiday of Lolo’s is more like it.

But, the Lola’s just won’t have it and had to have some say too. They made habol this January, well one particular Lola I guess.

Last Thursday, while on my way to school, I was staring at the activities surrounding Iznart Street when “somewhere over the rainbow” started to play on the jeepney’s radio. It would have another “just” but this particular though slipped inside my mind- this was one of the few songs I used to play (though I was taught to play the organ, not the piano) on Lola D’s piano. The piano is brand less. What made it special are the memories it carries. Lola D acquired this particular piano in exchange for the rent owed by a tenant who sells furniture and other items. The piano hasn’t been in tune for years. But its significance as a source of treasured stories of old will just increase in value for years.

And yep, that message from Lola D too.


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