Law Student: Being and Ego

I think this nursery rhyme best describes the evolution of a law student, among others.


There are more questions than answers.


After having survived freshman year, a spark of the ego begins to light up.
More talk, less thinking. πŸ˜’ Basically, the mouth tends to overrun the mind in most cases.


The pressure builds up, the schedule begins to choke him/her.
The ego grows as the concern centers on the ‘Self.’

In between Junior- Senior year
The law student becomes contemplative of what has been, what will be, and the nearing of the end. It leaves him/her with certain realizations in life. But the questions still linger, she vows to search for possible answers that give life.


Careful. Not hesitant. Just careful.
Becomes more contemplative.
Able to raise questions on a timely manner.
Though the mouth becomes silent, the mind works overtime.
The ego is slowly deflated, the true being starts to grow again.

This, if the law student recognizes the two paths ahead of him/her-
one leading to destruction, the other leading to (a some sort of) integration.

Regardless of what the outcome may be (post bar and everything).
It’s all part of growing into Being, albeit having to go through the path of a law student. 😝


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