A few years back, we had our first set of beagle pups. They were born on the bougainvillea filled summer month of May. Except for Simon, we thought to christen them with names starting with the letter B or C (for obvious reasons). Cola gave birth to 5 pups- 3 boys, 2 girls. Unfortunately, one of the girls didn’t survive on the first day. We later named her “Wednesday” because they were born on that particular day.

Since there were only 4 left, we didn’t let Bryan choose anymore because presumably Simon is his. And though M.mai didn’t really push to have her ‘own’ pup, Pepper was dubbed to be hers. Dodi named her pup Brandon (after Brandon Boyd). I named mine Colin (after Colin Hanks- I was at a time a Roswell fan :p). And Bill called his puppy Chuck (after the TV series).

We delighted in the days we spent with them. It is always a thrill to have puppies/ dogs while growing up. I guess one of the best experiences in life is to have dogs as part of the family, see them grow and build their own families too. They’re not pets. They’re more of like an extentsion of us, much like us being extensions of Jesus. Kind of.

What I’m trying to draw in, in this story of God in All Things is this- Unfortunately, Colin and Chuck were only (about) six months when they had to bloom into doggy heaven. It was a bad case of the parvo virus. Colin passed on the eve of the new year, and Chuck joined him a few weeks later. But what we belatedly realized was that Brandon and Pepper got a clean bill of health, while Colin and Chuck (whose names start with a letter C) both had to go on ahead. If you think about it, it was for the best. GOD CREATES THE BEST STORIES TO SHARE. It was probably Mutti’s birthday gift! She didn’t want to miss out on the fun of having beagles (and missed Simon so much) that the Father called those two and have them rest with her in heaven.

Zum Geburtstag Viel Gluck Mutti!
Ich Liebe Dich!
Ich vermisse Dich!

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